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Well, "About Us" is more an "About Me". Bokeh Light is currently a one man...sorry woman, operation. So welcome to my humble abode. Here's a little about me!

My name is Noor, I’m a 90’s baby, Palestinian, UofT graduate, I speak Arabic and English and I love photography! My passion for photography began as I watched my mother take photos with her phone, her angles and positioning were interesting to me, I copied. As I grew older, that passion grew. I would take every chance I had at holding a camera. That meant, taking over the camera at an event, taking a few photography courses, and being the one behind most friend and group pictures. We usually don't realize how precious those pictures are until years later when we look back, smile and laugh at old memories. That's the power of photos.

There's a lot of aspects in photography that are enjoyable - meeting new people, experiencing beautiful life moments, the honour of capturing joy, and creating art. So in July 2020, I took a chance, I quit my 9-5  job in marketing to pursue my passion. That’s when Bokeh Light was born. Bokeh is said like bouquet, but it's a photography term referring to the blurring of light in an image. The word Light in the name doubles for the meaning of my name, Noor نور. 

My mission is to celebrate, be part and capture the happiest moments and biggest milestones in life. To be part in creating an image for a business in which individuals rely on for their livelihood. To make the world a brighter, lighter and better place one incredible photo at a time. None of this is possible without you and your support. Your trust in my services is what keeps me going. I love what I do and I bring that into our sessions/events. You hire me, you hire more than just my camera, photography skills and experience, you also hire my humour,  enthusiasm, energy and passion. I look forward to working with you real soon!

       - Noor

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